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April Percell

Reference Letter from Employer

From:         Chad A Anderson

Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 12:03 PM

Subject:      Congrats to April

Join me in congratulating April for Customer Service EOM for April.  

1.   A design program (20/20) that she had never used prior and would now
be required to use on nearly every kitchen order.

2.  A huge pile of files with little rhyme or reason

3.  Open issues from prior orders

4.  Vendors she had never used- which means she did not know the

capabilities/versatility of the products they offer

5.  Pre-existing appointments, and a schedule filling up with member
appointments to take advantage of a sale

6.  A list of vendors wanting to come in and meet her in hopes of her
selling their product

With a tremendous learning curve and a Kraftmaid sale deadline at the end
of the month - she was not afforded the opportunity to learn over time.
She did a great job!  Congrats April!

Chad A. Anderson
Customer Service Manager

Volunteering Reference Letter

Volunteering Reference Letter

Testimonial From Kelsey

December 10, 2012


My hair finally looks amazing! April actually took the time to listen to the issues I'd been having with my thin, bland hair. She walked me through color, cut and product options to make sure that I'd be happy with my hair even after I'd left the salon and had to style it myself.  Even though I'd let my hair grow out for about six months, she was able to help me select a highlight color to blend naturally with both my natural hair color and my previously colored ends.  April asked me questions and discussed haircut styles with me before she started cutting, and the blunt cut she suggested to make my hair look fuller turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for. It takes me about half the time to style my hair in the morning and I'm finally proud of my hair!




Kelsey Amundsen 

Kelsey A.

Minneapolis, MN

Testimonial from Amber

Testimonial from Amber
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